Sunday, February 14, 2010

On the Sustainability of Sports

This week's announcement of the possible bankruptcy of the Portsmouth football (soccer) team in the UK was described as the result of overly inflated prices and wages, all part of unsustainable free market policies. The NPR commentator made a clear point that the origin of the league (I believe it was mentioned being near 100 years old) was as a means for players to PLAY, nothing more.

At some point, marketing got involved and in its current form, little attention is paid to whether the players enjoy their game or not; the principal criteria of performance is quantified in terms of compensation - and revenues from advertising and whatever else. What a shift from the original goal of promoting friendly (though no less competitive) exchanges! It is little wonder that many people in our Western societies find any free time for enjoying themselves.

Consume less, share, repair - and smile! 
Three simple steps towards Sustainability...

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